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M&M Party Rentals -Your Canopy and Party Tent Rental Headquarters

Searching online for canopy and party tent rentals reveals a lot of choices. However, what if you had all of the best options under one roof? For parties and events in the Santa Cruz County area, M&M Party Rentals is your one-stop shop. We have almost every piece of equipment you need to throw a party, event, wedding or memorial including tents. To keep guests comfortable, we have options that go beyond the biggest tent you have ever seen. We also have you covered in ways you are not expecting, and our high-quality tents mean everything looks professional. Of course, we help keep your event within a reasonable budget by giving you sizing advice when you call us.
Why rent a tent for a party or event
The primary reason for party tent rentals is to keep the sun and rain off of your guests while they are outside. Tents can also help create boundaries in large open spaces like parks. Finally, when events take place next to water, birds can be unwelcome participants. One other reason guests might need a tent is to accommodate mosquito netting for nighttime events. To combat rain, we also have Astroturf to keep guests from slipping on the grass or tracking mud into the buildings.
In-town convention rentals
If you are in town temporarily for an event such as a convention, concert or farmer’s market, we literally have you covered. Especially if you are flying in from another city, you might need to get a tent in Santa Cruz County when you land. Our self-install tents are part of the EZUp brand, and they are sized for most convention spaces at 10’ by 10’. Last-minute rentals during a convention are sometimes problematic, and reserving your tent early is recommended.
We can cover your entire party in high style
Party tent rentals do not need to feel like everyone is camping. Instead, we have many canopy-sized tents that offer a variety of sizes up to 40’ by 120’. We also have other tent accessories that can be rented to make the outdoors feel like it is inside a building. For example, sidewalls with or without windows make the tents feel private and secure. We can also outfit your party tent to have heat and lights. Finally, if it is pouring down, rain gutters for the tents help redirect water.
What happens when you order a tent for your party or event

Party tents work with free-standing frames. The tents and canopies do not need to sit on concrete or blacktop, but can also be staked securely in the grass or dirt. Information you need to pick your canopy size includes estimating 100 square feet for each table. There should also be 10 square feet per person plus an additional 20 square feet per person for walking room.After you place your order with us and get a consultation to ensure you have the right size for your event, we deliver, set up, take down, and pick up all tents or canopies. Depending on the Santa Cruz County delivery area, we will charge for mileage, labor and time. With the exception of smaller models, for safety reasons canopies, tents and their frames must be erected by professionals. In addition, framed canopies and tents must be staked to water barrels to ensure safety in the event of high winds.


Sizing Options

Free standing frame canopies can be set up on grass, concrete, dirt or blacktop.

How to determine the size of the canopy you need:
You need 10 sq. feet per person seated.
You need 100 sq. ft. per table added. (food etc.)
Example 20×20 canopy 400 sq. ft. can seat 40 people.

When figuring the size of the canopy you need don’t forget the dance floor sq. footage needs to be added in as well as food tables, bar, cake table etc. Example 100 people seated 1000 sq. ft., dance floor 15×24 360 sq. ft., 2 food tables 200 sq. ft, cake table 100 sq.ft, Beverage table 100 sq. ft. total sq. feet needed 1760 40×40 canopy 1600 sq. feet too small, 40×50 canopy 2000 sq ft.

All canopies can be open or closed with either solid white walls or window walls, light and heat can also be added. All frame canopies must be staked or held down with water barrels.

The rental of our canopies includes the set up and take down of the canopy. Delivery and pick up are charged according to where we deliver to.


10 x 10 Customer Set-up (EZUp)$50.00
10 x 10 Frame$135.00
10 x 15 Frame$190.00
10 x 20 Frame$225.00
10 x 25 Frame$270.00
10 x 30 Frame$300.00
10 x 35 Frame$340.00
10 x 40 Frame$375.00
10 x 45 Frame$420.00
10 x 50 Frame$550.00
10 x 60 Frame$620.00
20 x 20 Frame$275.00
20 x 30 Frame$375.00
20 x 40 Frame$495.00
20 x 50 Frame$675.00
20 x 60 Frame$795.00
20 x 70 Frame$845.00
20 x 80 Frame$995.00
20 x 90 Frame$1095.00
20 x 100 Frame$1295.00
30 x 30 Frame $695.00
30 x 40 Frame $775.00
30 x 45 Frame $875.00
30 x 55 Frame $975.00
30 x 60 Frame $1075.00
30 x 70 Frame $1175.00
40 x 40, 1 piece$995.00
40 x 60, 1 piece$1500.00
40 x 80, 1 piece$2450.00
40 x 100$3050.00
40 x 120$3500.00
Marquee Canopy Entrance 7x7x8$75.00
White Sidewalls$2.00/ft
Panorama/Window Sidewalls$3.00/ft
Canopy Lights (Installed)$15.00 each
Canopy Heaters (Forced Air)$75.00 each
Rain Gutter$3.00/sq. ft.
Astroturf25¢/sq. ft.